Born in Mexico, Diana is a health expert and passionate about life. Diana says she is the kind of person who will stop talking and zone out when she sees the waitress approaching with her food. She started traveling before she took her first steps and has lived in six cities and five countries, visited 45 countries and plans to see as much of the world as she can. She has a degree in nutrition and food science and a master’s degree in global health from the University of Glasgow in Scotland, and she is constantly challenging herself with new ventures. She believes that through determined, dedicated and hard work, people can achieve whatever they wish for. She now lives in the Caribbean, where alongside Jodi Cairns, she shares her many meals, stories and good times on their blog, Midst of It. The blog was born on the island of St. Vincent, where Jodi and Diana instantly bonded over their mutual love for fitness, travel, food and a positive outlook on life.

Midst of it

Living This Thing Called Life

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