British-born Amsterdammer Vicky Hampton is a writer, cook and avid foodie who has lived and worked the Netherlands for long enough that she can speak Dutch, ride a bike while SMSing, and wear orange with pride. Her website,, focuses on reviews and recommendations of Amsterdam restaurants, as well as other culinary news and views. Vicky has also written for various publications including The Guardian, New York Times, Olive Magazine, Time Out, Rough Guide and Michelin Guide. When not writing about food, she's a freelance editorial and content specialist - check out for her portfolio. 

Amsterdam Foodie

The Amsterdam Foodie philosophy is simple: eating is a necessary pleasure. That's why the Amsterdam Foodie reviews restaurants, writes about her foodie travels, and brings you all the latest Amsterdam food news.

Cookbook! Vicky Hampton’s Working Lunch

Bored of overpriced sandwiches and packet soups from the canteen? This cookbook is for those who are keen to make delicious lunches, but don’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen. The book features 50 easy lunch recipes covering fresh vibrant salads, cool summery soups, spicy couscous and pimped-up sandwiches.

If you're an editor or marketing/comms professional, you can hire Vicky to write, edit or translate (Dutch to English) texts for you. She also offers services in SEO, online marketing and consulting.

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