Born in Sri Lanka and raised in Toronto, Canada, Gerry grew up eating only Sri Lankan food cooked at home. The only exception was when his parents ordered Chinese food when it was too late to cook or ordered takeout from McDonald’s while on the road. He ate at a sit-down restaurant and bar for the first time when he was 18. “I ate a $15 burger that came with fries. It was the best thing I’d ever tasted. My parents thought it was outrageous to pay $15 or $20 with tip and tax for a burger and fries.”

He says his “cultural bubble was popped” when he discovered Toronto’s hipster culture. He was 24 the first time he ate pho. “As I was exposed to gourmet burgers, Texas-style barbecue, Neapolitan pizza and fried chicken that was way above KFC, I started to document it, especially the ethnic fusion dishes and unique concoctions like fried chicken and waffles. The more I took pictures and posted them on social media, I started enjoying to write more about my experience of eating that particular food. Since I have become little selective about food now, I can't eat at Jack Astors (equivalent to Applebee's) or fast food chains because I know there is too much unique and delicious food Toronto has to offer.” 

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