Kaniska Chakraborty, an advertising executive in Dhaka, Bangladesh, is the author of For the Love of Food, random thoughts and encounters with food. His motto: Seeing is nothing. Eating is believing. He writes a column, also called For the Love of Food, for The Daily Star, the leading English newspaper in Dhaka. His love of food was born from memories of his mother and grandmother cooking traditional Bengali food for special occasions, the smell of spice, ghee, rice, meat and fish permeating his senses. He says he believes in quality, not quantity, and loves to cook, feed, watch food shows and read about food. He almost never follows recipes, but tends to be instinctive about cooking. He began blogging to document a month he spent training in Mumbai. "By the second post, I had landed on my food escapades. Food is the second most important element of my life after family."

For the love of food

Random thoughts and encounters with food.

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