MJ and BKR are the authors of the food blog Lunchquest Edinburgh, designed to give readers an insight into Edinburgh’s vibrant lunch and dining scene.

“From the Michelin star finery of places like Castle Terrace to the humble burger van, we try to eat out (or get takeaway) from as many different places as the bank manager will allow, take pictures of what we’re served, and offer a few words to describe things.

“Edinburgh has hundreds of restaurants, bars, cafés and eateries in the city center alone, and places are always opening, closing (sometimes sadly, sometimes gladly), or changing hands and direction, so we have our work cut out to keep track of all the goings-on.

“Thankfully, we have a community of food writers, bloggers, chefs and ‘enthusiastic eaters’ that matches the vibrancy of the restaurants, and we’re delighted to have such knowledgeable company to guide us on our questing ways.”
Originally from Alabama, USA, MJ has been in the UK for more than 5 years. She earned her PhD in poetry writing at the University of Edinburgh and teaches English Literature tutorials at the university. She also works part time at Edinburgh Books, is a freelance copy writer, a partner in a U.S. publishing company and is a managing editor and founding partner of The Istanbul Review.
In July 2011, MJ came up with the idea for Lunchquest, and enlisted the help of her “trusty squire and fellow lunch devotee,” BKR, to develop the idea.

An Edinburgh resident from the age of 4, BKR is Lunchquest’s major source on “what this restaurant/café/bar/shop used to be called.” An English Literature graduate of the University of Edinburgh, BKR has spent more than a decade working in the public sector.
“From the moment MJ suggested the enterprise, as we contemplated the munching of another delicious pasta dish in Café Domenico’s, Lunchquest has been a complete joy. So far, we’ve been very fortunate in our lunching and dining choices, so long may that continue.”

Lunch Quest

Welcome to Lunch Quest: Edinburgh, a jolly little blog capturing our appreciation of a range of Edinburgh eating establishments.

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