A dentist by profession, Anthony Rahayel is passionate about fine food and wine, travel and photography. An experienced globetrotter with knowledge of restaurants and hotels worldwide, he discovered friends and acquaintances often asked him for recommendations. He decided to pour his passions into

Since its launch, Rahayel has accumulated more than 750 reviews and thousands of images of restaurants and hotels in major cities around the world.

“NGNO presents trustworthy reviews of food, hotel stays and service, and my photographs are intended to help you enjoy my gastronomic explorations and tasteful meals prepared by masterful chefs, as well as get the chance to travel with me around the world,” Rahayel said.

When he goes out for a meal, Rahayel said he expects to “enjoy it, recommend it and, most importantly, remember it, but in some cases, not in a good way.” Rahayel says his reviews hold bad servicers accountable while verbally rewarding delicious and creative experiences.

Lebanon has “truly mastered the art of diverse cuisine. And there’s always a new place popping up that deserves recognition and exposure (be it bad or good),” he said.
His blog’s name came from his allergies to both ingredients.
“Most of you are thinking, ‘How the heck can food taste any good if it has no garlic and no onions?’ These are two main food ingredients present in most cuisines and various dishes worldwide, especially the Mediterranean cuisine, Lebanon, where I am from. Being allergic to garlic and onions is a particular quality that motivates me to continue my search for the best food and the best service.”


For the love of food and discoveries... Every ingredient has a story, behind it, a culture... mixed together it's a piece of art... An ongoing journey...

NoGarlicNoOnions in motion

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