In 2011, Silia Tvg left her native Greece to spend a summer holiday studying German in Vienna. Inspired by the European city and in search of new challenges, Silia cashed in her return ticket to Athens. An experienced language tutor, she communicates with people in English, German, Italian and Spanish. Open-minded, curious and strong, Silia sees a world full of endless possibilities. “You just have to find the way to do the things that you want.” Her motto? “Add life to life.” The author of The Viennese Girl Blog, Silia explores and shares those things she likes in playful, multidimensional prose.  Her lifestyle and travel blog in Vienna is “an escape from the microcosm, opens a door to the world, and celebrates new beginnings, changes and challenges, all the small and big things that bring joy to life.”

The viennese girl

The Viennese Girl blog is a collection of the things that I like, therefore has a positive, playful and multidimensional character.

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