Abou Fadi
Spicy Fish Sandwich

We know it as being a sauce served with grilled fish but here things are different. A prepared mix of fish, tarator and spices which the owner himself fills in a sandwich then toasts for couple minutes. The journey starts with a crunchy feel followed by the richness of a generously filled sandwich where a dozen flavors, perfectly mixed together will put a smile on your face. I never imagined a Samke Harra sandwich, never imagined something like Abou Fadi even existed. To enjoy something other than a shawarma or the conventional meat sandwiches, this is an innovation you have to try. A juicy filling like a fish pâté, with some crunchy fresh lettuce and slices of Lebanese tomatoes. Unfortunately for me, inside the mix was some hidden garlic, but I couldn’t resist having some anyway.

Chekka main road towards Batroun, North Lebanon
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