Roast Beef Dede

This bustling food stand has crafted a local culinary invention. The "Dede" is an omelet, coated with breadcrumbs and stuffed with a variety of inventive fillings. Choices include a "Dede" with roast beef, mayonnaise, mustard, arugula and tomatoes; a roasted red pepper, goat cheese and pesto "Dede"; and a mushroom, mozzarella, pesto and cream cheese "Dede." The breadcrumbs elevate the “Dede" from an ordinary omelet and the various fillings send it right over the top. Prices start at 6$ for the cheese Dede and go up to 10$ for the roast beef Dede.

Daniel Rozenblum
Uriel da Costa St 16, Tel Aviv-Yafo
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