With a constant line of customers, Hakosem (The Magician) is well known for its shawarma and falafel. Made of chickpeas imported from Spain and ground 15 times a day, ensuring freshness, the falafels are rich with cumin, coriander, ground sweet paprika, raw garlic, onion and parsley. What makes them special is the added sesame and nigella seeds. But locals know another secret. Hakosem's brik, a deep-fried Tunisian pastry, is filled with beef, mutton fat, garlic, mashed potato and soft-boiled egg. It is truly a masterpiece among dumplings. Vegetarians have their own version with a sabich filling of eggplant and potato.

Daniel Rozenblum
Shlomo Hamelech 1 Tel Aviv
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Opening times
Fri: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
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