Smoking Shawarma

M25 is a restaurant in the midst of the Carmel Market (just 25 meters from the butcher shop Meat Market where it gets its meat). This "straight-to-the-point" place serves the finest meats cooked over a charcoal or “smoking” grill. Don't miss the Smoking Shawarma. The meat is lightly smoked, then sent for fast roasting to crisp the exterior while leaving the inside juicy. Served on a bed of tomatoes, thin onion slices and tahini, the meat with lathered with a thick paste of garlic, lemons, hot green pepper, oil and salt. The result is a party in your mouth from the flavorful meat, bitterness and sweetness of the tahini and tomatoes, and the sting of the spread. M25 also serves one of Tel Aviv’s best desserts. Crack Pie, a rich, salty-sweet concoction with tons of butter, an oat cookie crust and unsweetened whipped cream topping, has attracted an addicted fan base. Watching someone taste it for the first time is a joy. After one bite, there are a few seconds of silence, their eyes light up and an exclamation escapes. No wonder it got the name of a dangerous and addictive drug.

Daniel Rozenblum
Simtat HaCarmel 30, Tel Aviv-Yafo
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