Al Mallah Restaurant

Al Mallah has a reputation as one of the city’s best Arabic and Lebanese joints, and for good reason. Grab a table on the pavement to get a front row seat to watch the sea of people roaming 2nd December Street (formerly Al Dhiyafa Street), then go to town on the menu. For those eating on the run, opt for a succulent and moreish chicken or lamb shawarma. If time is on your side, the mixed grill is a vast plate of griddled meats, including kofta, lamb and chicken, complete with fries, herb-tomato flatbread and grilled onion. And don’t overlook the fattoush. The most popular Lebanese salad might just be a salad, but it can compete with the fanciest dish in the region. Sweet, salty and citrusy – it hits all the taste buds in equal proportions and is perfect to combat hot, Middle East summers. Pair it with an order of the thick strawberry juice made from fresh chilled strawberries. It will leave you gasping for more, definitely for its taste rather than the effort you'll put in to sip the thick juice through a straw.

2nd of December St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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Opening times
Sun: 7:00 am - 11:00 pm
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