Mom’s Food Restaurant & Café

For home-style Lebanese dishes, fans head to Park Island in Dubai Marina. The restaurant boasts a large outdoor seating area, floor-to-ceiling windows, dark-wood furniture and an open kitchen with bread oven and meaty kebab skewers. Highlights include the fried halloumi (a semi-hard cheese popular in Cyprus, Greece and the Middle East) topped with succulent cubes of fried marinated lamb, sliced almonds, rocket leaves, onions, sundried tomatoes and Parmesan shavings tossed in olive oil and lime. The Chicken and Barley Bake will make you view barley with renewed respect. Whole-wheat barley is baked with chicken, onions, raisins and anise in a delicious and sumptuous casserole dish. Wash it down with fresh pomegranate juice from the restaurant’s juice bar.

Park Island, Dubai Marina, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Opening times
Sun: 8am-1:30am
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