Paneer Gulfham

You know the kind of food that you dream about for days after you have eaten it, right? Recently, we came across such a dish at Amaseena, when we tried their Paneer Gulfham. Paneer or cottage cheese in isolation, is quite the crowd-pleaser and because of that, dishes incorporating paneer are available at almost every Indian restaurant. Ideally, good cottage cheese will be soft and pillowy in texture and delicate in taste, possessing that melt-in-your-mouth quality. The Paneer Gulfham at Amaseena is all that and more. While most restaurants make the mistake of masking the glorious flavour and texture of fresh paneer by adding it to an over-spiced curry base; Amaseena sets itself apart from the rest, by really honoring fresh cottage cheese. The paneer here, is stuffed with malai (cream) and khoya (dried whole-milk) and grilled to perfection in a tandoor with slightly charred edges and a rich, creamy, and slightly sweet center.

Another favourite of ours at Amaseena, is their Dal Bukhara. It comprises of black lentils and from the moment you dig in, you can taste the understated flavour of perfectly-roasted garlic followed by a luxuriously creamy and mildly-smoky dal. . what can we say, the dal is simply gorgeous!

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