Beauty Boarding
Chicken with Potato

Beauty Boarding was “the” rendezvous for intellectuals during the pre-partition era of Bangladesh. Tarak Saha’s family ran this boarding house with 26 rooms. A true Bangladeshis values discussion, and Beauty Boarding was the setting for many a revolutionary who lived in its sparse rooms and ate at the 20-seat restaurant served by a Sylheti cook. Today, the masalas are still freshly ground while the menu changes every day, save a few fish items that are regular dishes. Food runs out on a daily basis and only the early birds catch a good number of items on the menu before they have been consumed. One of the stand-outs on the menu is the chicken curry, served with a large piece of potato. The curry is spicy enough to be considered a truly Bengali curry, but not overwhelmingly so.

Shris Das Ln, Dhaka, Bangladesh
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