Nirob Hotel

A typically Bangladeshi cuisine means an assortment of bhortas or mashed food, served with plain rice and daal. No Bangladeshi meal is complete without a bhorta and Nirob Hotel excels at traditional bhortas. The semi-fermented chepa shutki or Puntius fish (which is dried, then soaked in water and stacked in an earthen pot and smeared with fish oil for a few months to ferment) is sautéed with onions, garlic and chilies in mustard oil before being roughly mashed, joins a huge list of bhortas, from unripe banana with coriander and chilies, tomato with mustard oil, cabbage with a heavy dose of garlic, the simple aaloo or potato with dried red chilies, beans with chilies, and some more shutki or dry fish bhortas with the iconic baygun bhaja, or fried eggplant, to accompany this stellar cast. It is the norm for Dhaka-ites to go to Nirob Hotel on a weekend and simply gorge on this bhorta spread with great relish and satiate their cultural affinity for this popular comfort food.

113/2, Najimuddin Road, Dhaka City 1100, Bangladesh
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Opening times
Thu: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
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