Royal Hotel
Shorbot, Zarda and Falooda

The Royal restaurant’s Doodh er shorbot is made with creamy cow milk that has been procured from the nearby town of Munshigonj (or if we go by its age-old name, Bikrampur.) This “shorbot” or chilled milk drink is mixed with sugar and ground nuts like almonds and pistachios and sprinkled with a generous helping of nuts. The jorda or sweet rice is a famously common dessert in much of the Indian subcontinent and is made with a hint of saffron and a touch of decadence in the form of sweet dumplings called chomchoms added to it. Falooda is yet another Indian subcontinental specialty and here, at Royal Hotel, this slurpy dessert is made of glass noodles and tapioca pearls in a heady mix of sweetened milk with nuts and fresh fruit. All three desserts are best found in the shops and restaurants tucked in the narrow, winding alleys of Puran Dhaka (older parts of Dhaka) and people brave the crazy traffic to come all the way to give in to their sweet tooth.

Lalbagh Road, Dhaka 1211, Bangladesh
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Opening times
Sat: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
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