Okima Daruma
Soba Noodles

Two hours east of Fukuoka, Kunihiro Takahashi, aka the "God of soba noodles," runs the members-only Daruma shop in Kitsuki-city, Oita. Celebrating the traditional Japanese craftsmanship of the dish that originated in Japan’s Edo period, Takahashi kneads and cuts fresh soba noodles for each service.  Soba dough, a mix of 80 percent buckwheat and 20 percent wheat, is finicky.  Takahashi evaluates how the dough feels based on the day’s temperature and humidity. Most commonly eaten chilled, the noodles are served with a dip of soy sauce, mirin, vinegar, bonito, scallion and wasabi. After guests finish the noodles, a server pours hot water used for boiling the soba into the cup that contained the dipping sauce for a refreshing finish. Pro tip: Takahashi only works on weekends. For booking times, go to http://okina-daruma.com/schedule/201905091331_1451. For members only, you probably need to find a member to go with.

2114-25 Morie, Kitsuki, Oita 873-0033, Japan
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Opening times
Sat: 11:00 am - 9:30 pm
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