Bún Riêu Sườn Sụn
Bún Riêu Cua (Bun Rieu)

Bún riêu is a Vietnamese meat and rice vermicelli soup. There are several varieties of bún riêu, including bún riêu cua, bún riêu cá and bún riêu ốc. Bún riêu cua is served with tomato broth and topped with freshwater crab. Various freshwater paddy crabs are used, including the brown paddy crab found in Vietnam’s rice paddies. Crabs are washed in clean water to remove dirt and sand, then pounded with the shell on into a fine paste. The paste is strained and the crab liquid forms the soup base, along with tomato. The crab residue is used as the basis for crab cakes. Other ingredients include tamarind paste, fried tofu and rice vinegar. This dish is rich in nutrition: calcium from the ground crab shells, iron from congealed pig's blood to redden the broth, and vitamins and fiber from the vegetables.

Price of a bowl vary from $1 to $2.50. 

23 Nguyễn Siêu, Hoàn Kiếm District
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