Quan Ca Can
Banh Bao

These hefty dumplings with their soft fluffy casings evolved from China's baozi, or pau cakes, so it seems fitting that the best banh bao in Ho Chi Minh City are in District 5, the Chinese district. Quan Ca Can does the traditional Vietnamese banh bao filled with delicious spiced minced pork and quail eggs, and it also does very tasty chicken and vegetarian options. All versions have high quality ingredients, a fact that's reflected in the price -- and the taste, which is head and shoulders above the standard dumpling. The sweetish dough is lighter, fluffier and more heavenly and the fillings more flavorful than the average banh bao.

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110 Hung Vuong, D5 (at the junction with Nguyen Tri Phuong)
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Opening times
Wed: 12:00 pm - 2:00 am
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