Chua Lam's Pho

Chua Lam, probably the most influential food critics in southeast Asia of the era.  A review from him can either turn an empty restaurant to the hottest table in town or it can destroy a restaurant overnight.  Though he has been involved in many projects over the years from TV show to restaurants to food tours, he finally established a restaurant using his own name while he is now well into his retirement age.  A casual eatery specializing in Vietnamese beef noodles that span over two floors using a broth built on the bone, meat and fish sauce.  This place is worth the queue not simply because of the Chua Lam, but it's because of the well-balanced broth full of flavors without being greasy at all.  Don't worry if the beef is too rare for you, just soak it into the broth for another minute, I guarantee it will be one of the best beef pho you could find in Hong Kong.

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UG/F, 15-25 Wellington St, Central, Hong Kong
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Opening times
Thu: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
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