Lung Wah Hotel (龍華酒店)
Shatin Pigeon

Lung Wah has served great food in Shatin for more than 50 years. Back then, the dining room was on the ground floor while hotel rooms above attracted such celebrity guests as Bruce Lee. The owner’s idea of promoting pigeon was a huge success and today, Shatin Pigeon remains a household name. While the rest of the country has undergone a major transformation, Lung Wah seems to remain frozen in time, from its garden to the dining tables. Thankfully, the quality of their pigeon dishes hasn’t changed. They are still considered by Hong Kong gourmands to be the best. Lung Wah’s pigeon are soaked in five spice, then served deep fried, with a thin and crispy skin, or poached one of three ways: in Chinese rice wine, soy sauce or salt brine. The young pigeon meat is tender and moist without being overly fatty or gamey. With Lung Wah’s chicken congee and homemade tofu dessert, pigeon makes up what locals call “Shatin’s Three Treasure.”

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No.22, Ha Wo Che Village, Shatin, NT
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Opening times
Tue: 11:30 am - 10:30 pm
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