Nieuw Amsterdam
Pork Trotter and Ham Hock Nuggets

Nieuw Amsterdam has become a darling of the Melbourne foodie scene and impresses with Pork Trotter and Ham Hock Nuggets with burnt onion jam. Nuggets? How can this be a foodie experience? Well it certainly was. Not the dry flavourless artificial things posing as nuggets we often see. These nuggets featured finesse with perfectly cooked pork hock braised and cured. A tasty crumbed casing and the surprise of the burnt onion jam inside the nugget hit the high notes. Enjoyable was the compressed apple slices and small onion flowers on top. So good and expertly presented.

106-112 Hardware Street Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia
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Opening times
Sat: 12:00 pm - 5:00 am
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