Holy Cow

This one is the most interesting newcomer on the scene. Holy Cow is actually a hot pot restaurant, and a great one at that. Full disclosure: Anthony Zhao, the owner and chef, is a personal friend and I would follow him anywhere. He is a celebrity of sorts on the Shanghai food scene, and behind a successful home-style Shanghainese lunch box restaurant called MiXiangYuan and just recently opened this coyly named hot pot place focused on fresh beef and organic veggies from his own farm. Where does the xiaolongbao come in, you ask? Well, he has invented (I claim - as I've never seen this done anywhere else) dunking xiaolongbao into hot pot. The skin is a bit thicker from the boiling rather than steaming, and gets infused with his intensely flavorful mushroom broth, adding another dimension to the xiaolongbao. Eating here is highly recommended.

See the blog post: http://tinyurl.com/oyjnw6g

608 Xiaomuqiao Road, near Zhongshan Nan Er Road (second floor).
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Opening times
Thu: 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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