Butadon PANCHŌ

Butadon, or simply pork bowl, is a Japanese bowl of rice topped with sweet and savoury simmered pork. Popular in Japan, the name comes from the words buta and don, meaning “pork” and “bowl.” 

The creation of the dish is credited to Mr Abe who introduced it at his restaurant, Pancho, in 1993, with the intent of encouraging Japanese diners to eat more pork. Still, in operation, his restaurant serves only this dish, in several portion sizes, along with green tea, beer, pickled daikon radish and miso soup. A simple dish but a real gem, its savoury sweet sauce and mildly fatty pork meat is the perfect topping for freshly steamed rice.

Japan, 〒080-0011 Hokkaido, Obihiro, Nishi 1 Jominami, 11 Chome−19番地
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Sun: 11.00 am - 07.00 pm
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