Bánh Canh Ruộng
Banh Canh

Banh canh is a distinctive dish of the central region of Vietnam because of its noodle. The noodle is made with tapioca flour or rice flour and tapioca flour. It has its own taste, depending on the flavor you choose: pork, fish ball, crab, snakehead fish or Vietnamese pork sausage. Squeeze a little lemon juice into the bowl, then add a tablespoon of chili sauce. The sweetness of the fish, crab or “chả cá” already tickles the tongue. Don’t forget to dip a stick of the hot yellow fried bread into the soup for maximum pleasure. This place used to be the only noodle shop in the area that was surrounded by a vast rice paddy long ago. The whole area was undeveloped until bridges and roads were built and local people were able to open their businesses. Despite the development and its spreading reputation, the flavor remains unchanged. 

Danang Cuisine
20 Ha Thi Than, Da Nang
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Opening times
Fri: 12.00 pm - 10.00 pm
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