Lo Nuestro Gastromercat
Montadito 'Brillante' de Calamares con Mayonesa

The name “Lo nuestro” evokes the typical Alicante civil spirit, from Hogueras, Moors and Christians to the Hercules football team. The tapas are served at a small, wooden bar with barrels as tables. The standout dish here is Montadito Brillante, an amazing combination of crunchy bread covered in sesame seeds and perfectly battered squid. When you bite into this tapa it melts in your mouth. Some theories say that Montaditos are from Alicante, and have spread from Alicante to the rest of Spain, so it’s really a local delicacy.

Featured in
Calle Juan de Herrera 15, Alicante, Spain
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Opening times
Wed: 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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