Karamanlidika of Phanis
Bulgur with Pastirma

This dish is for those who love the aromatic, delicious taste of pastirma (air-dried beef with a coating of fenugreek and other spices). Its explosive taste is perfectly balanced by the light nutty flavor of bulgur wheat. It is served in Karamanlidika of Phanis, a charcuterie & fromagerie where you can find a great selection of aged cheese, cold-cuts, gourmet products and a small menu of some of the most characteristic dishes brought by the Greek refugees who flooded into Northern Greece from Asia Minor after the population exchange of Christians and Muslims in 1923. Other great dishes include the ‘saganaki’, pastirma and soutzouki sausage pan-fried with eggs.

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Sokratous 1, Αθήνα 105 54, Greece
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Opening times
Fri: 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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