Trattoria La Campagnola

Borlengo is a very thin bread, almost the consistency of a crêpe. The ingredients of the dough are simple: water, flour, eggs and salt. A borlengo is served hot, folded in quarters and filled with a pesto made of chopped lard, garlic and rosemary. Called cunza, this pesto contains all the strong flavors of Modena earth. Thanks to the warmth of the bread, the bacon pesto melts and releases the essential oils of rosemary. Every small town across the Modena countryside claims the authentic authorship of borlengo, and many legends were born around its origin.
One such tale claims borlengo was the result of a joke to a housewife who was preparing the dough for traditional tigelle with flour and water. The woman, finding the dough for the daily food spread out with water, didn’t think of throwing it away, but tried to obtain something edible - and she succeeded. Nowadays, you can eat borlengo in some restaurants (like Trattoria La Campagnola in Vignola) and local festivals.

Via Cà de Barozzi, 12, Vignola MO, Italy
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Sun: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm, 7:00 - 12:00 am
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