Le Canterbury
Filet Americain

Filet americain is a ground-up version of the steak tartare with beef, seasonings, capers, onions, mayo and mustard to bind it together....it's ground into a paste and spread on a white crunchy roll, topped with diced onions and capers. This dish is an evolution of Steak Tartare which supposedly descended from Genghis Kahn horseback riders tenderising beef by tucking it under their saddles. The "Americain'' was created by Joseph Neils in 1924 at the wonderful Le Canterbury on the outskirts of Brussels. He claimed that by naming it "Americain'' he could appeal to tourists and by grinding it into a paste he could avoid the French traditions about what you could and could not add to beef tartare. The dish is still served at Le Canterbury and alongside other Belgium classics makes for one of the best regional meals you can have anywhere in Belgium.

Av. de l'Hippodrome 2, 1050 Ixelles, Belgium
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