Le Montrachet

In a beautiful limestone house in the middle of the world’s greatest white wine vineyards of Montrachet sits a jewel of a restaurant: Le Montrachet. The escargot are the best in the world. Locally sourced fresh escargot are served in gorgeous shells with a garlic and parsley sauce that is silky and smooth (not sitting in the usual pool of butter). Once you scoop out the snail and sip the creamy sauce, there is a tiny piece of crunchy garlic toast hidden at the bottom of each shell that provides a crunchy kick at the end. Make sure to order a dozen for yourself. The Bresse chicken for two to follow is perfectly executed. A special note should be made of beef burgundy’s younger brother, Oeufs Bourguignon or “Oeufs en Meurette.” This little-known specialty is spectacular here.

10 place du Pasquier de la Fontaine, 21190 Puligny-Montrachet
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