Bursa is a large city in northwest Turkey, lying in the foothills of Mount Uludağ near the Sea of Marmara. Known for its mosques and historical sites from the early Ottoman Empire, the city is nicknamed "Yeşil Bursa" (Green Bursa), owing to its many parks, trees and dramatic mountain backdrop. The city is home to the Royal Springs, Bursa's renowned hot mineral waters. The 700-year-old baths were built in the time of Sultan Murat I and the beautifully ornate Yeni Kaplica bath dates to the 16th century.Bursa cuisine highlights the area’s olives, strawberries, peaches and chestnuts. Among its most famous dishes is the Iskender Kebap. In the 1860s, Iskender Efendi from Bursa innovated the kebab with a new angle: vertical grilling and serving it in thin slices. Similar to a döner kebab, the Iskender kebab is prepared from thinly cut grilled lamb slathered with hot tomato sauce and melted butter over yogurt and pita bread.

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