The Early Bird
Hulk Smash

Located in Cathays on the former site of the Paleo Chef and Falafel Cafe, the Early Bird bakery has been open for business since last November (2015). From the first cup of coffee you can tell there’s a lot of passion that goes into everything that’s served. Coffee beans are roasted in the bread oven - the barista James (and brother in law of the owner) has been experimenting with different roasts. The menu is diverse and the items are fresh and delicious - But the Hulk Smash (£6) was the best of all. A couple of slices of toasted sourdough were topped with a generous mound of velvety avocado, a delightfully runny egg and a garnish of radish. Seasoning came in the form of a drizzle of smoky and fiery chipotle sauce.

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38 Woodville Rd, Cardiff CF24 4EB, United Kingdom
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Opening times
Fri: 08.00 am - 05.00 pm
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