Bar Dell'Orso
Porchetta Sandwich

It is called the Bar of the Bear, for the wooden sculptures inside, but should be called the Pig Bar. This is a temple to pork. This tiny little bar cranks out some of the best food for a “truck stop". There are tables outside almost right on the road or inside, which I prefer. This is the place to get a porchetta sandwich sitting down. As you walk inside, there is a small bar where you can get coffee and a pastry of a glass of wine, but if you keep walking, you will see the temple of pork! Prosciutto hangs from the walls and the display case is full of salami and cheese, as well as preserved vegetables. They specialize in making custom sandwiches, starting with simple porchetta. You can pick what you like and they have rolls or the typical unsalted Tuscan bread in slices. We like to order a porchetta sandwich and an antipasto plate with sliced meats, fresh pecorino cheese, marinated artichoke hearts and stuffed chili peppers. Everything is weighed and the sticker for the price is stuck on the side of your plate. They also serve a full menu and are open for dinner with live music late at night. One of my favorite things to order to go are the hard to find coppiette (chili-infused dried pork jerky strips). They are addicting. If you are really hungry, the fresh pasta with ragu is incredible. We even had a great fish pasta here. They specialize in game, so ask if they have pasta with cinghiale (wild boar).

Via Cassia Nord, 23, 53035 Monteriggioni SI, Italy
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Opening times
Tue: 5:00 am - 12:00 am
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