Hatch & Sons
Irish Ham Blaa

Smack in the center of Ireland's busy capital and tucked neatly under The Little Museum of Dublin, Hatch & Sons is the perfect stop for breakfast. The traditional Irish menu includes a section of Waterford blaas, doughy white bread buns that have been granted protected status by the EU. The name is derived from the French word blaad, for leftover dough, or blanc, for white (referring to the flour). About the size of a saucer, a blaa is finished with a flour dusting. With a nice crusty top, it’s perfect for making a sandwich. I recommend Hatch & Son’s blaa with Wicklow cheddar, roast Irish ham, relish, tomato and rapeseed mayo. All of the flavors in this breakfast sandwich meld perfectly and I couldn't get enough of it. It was good till the last bite. The coffee, decor and service are also exceptional. I may have found a new favorite spot in Dublin.

15 St Stephen's Green, Dublin Southside, Dublin, Ireland
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Opening times
Tue: 08.00 am - 05.00 pm
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