Passadis del Pep

Dinner at Passadís is always a surprise. There is no street sign for the restaurant, just a number, under which opens a door that leads to a dark corridor (Passadís means corridor, after all!). Wander to the end and you'll be led to an utterly unique restaurant in which there is no menu: you simply sit down and wait for the stream of food to be brought to you. Eat until you are about to explode and they'll ask you: "So, what would you like as main course?" And they are serious! The mountain of dishes you have just devoured were starters; tapas and entrées (lots of them!). You are then supposed to order a piece of meat or fresh fish that will be cooked to order (although you can skip it and go straight to dessert and coffee if you prefer), so maybe save space.

The restaurant is owned by Joan Manubens, brother of the famous Pep, from Cal Pep just one block away. The restaurant was in fact named by the brother, who encouraged Joan to open his own venue. The food is similar in both restaurants, but in Passadís it is more elaborate and there is a far better wine list on offer. The meal is more relaxed as well, being a sit down restaurant, rather than bar stool set-up as is in Cal Pep. But it's hard to pick one special recommendation, as the available dishes vary from day to day depending on what is fresh from the market, so just trust the waiter and let them surprise and delight you throughout the meal until the very last digestivo has been finished.

Pla de Palau, 2, 08003 Barcelona, Spain
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