Apfelwein-Wirtschaft Fichtekränzi
Schnitzel and Grüne Soße

During the summer, the terrace at Fichtekränzi is full of Frankfurters. It’s truly a local spot. Join in a toast with a glass of apfelwein (apple wine) and you will feel part of the family quickly. For a traditional German meal, start with some handkäse (milk cheese) to share (no fork!) or frankfurter würtschen (a thin, boiled sausage of pure pork). Following that, you can’t go wrong with Frankfurter Schnitzel (schnitzel and grüne soße), or just grüne soße with potatoes if you don’t like eating meat.  The cold herb sauce consists of sour cream, boiled eggs, spices and, of course, herbs. Those main dishes are made fresh every day and are typical of the German state of Hessen. During the winter, you always feel cozy sitting inside, next to each other. The place is full of long tables and are made to be shared. To keep you warm, don’t hesitate to order schnapps at the end of your meal. Mispelschen, made with apple brandy, is a tradition.

Alice Vaxelaire
Wallstraße 5, 60594 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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Opening times
Mon: 5:00 pm - 12:00 am
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