Fäviken Magasinet

Housed in an 18th-century grain store in the remote locale of Järpen, Chef Magnus Nilsson took over the restaurant in 2008 to creatively transform traditional Scandinavian food.  Nilsson serves a set menu to just a dozen diners a night. Ingredients are sourced locally – save some seafood from Norway, and everything is foraged, hunted or fished for on the 20,000-acre hunting estate and nature reserve surrounding the restaurant. Local preparatory methods, from drying to salting, jellying, pickling and bottling, ensure ingredients are as robust and uniquely flavorsome as possible. Look for dishes showcasing moose, herring, and scallops cooked over juniper branches. Diners are typically served at least 14 courses in addition to appetizers. After dinner, go outside and look up and you may see the Northern Lights dancing across the arctic sky.

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Fäviken 216, 830 05 Järpen, Sweden
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