Cañadío 1981 is Paco Quirós’ first establishment in Madrid. In 2011 the restaurant settled in the finest neighborhood of Salamanca, on Calle del Conde de Peñalver where guests enjoy the sights of Iglesia Nuestra Senora Del Pilar with exquisite dishes here. Cañadio Madrid Restaurant has a classic and elegant atmosphere and has different spaces that adapt to each occasion. The menu here has been prepared personally by Paco Quirós, highlighting Santander-style squid rings, the classic chorizo ​​croquettes, Santoña anchovies with roasted red pepper, and tuna and squid meatballs. And of course, eating good cheesecakes in Cañadío is the most pleasant experience here. The chef Nicolas Reyes Ruiz of the restaurant Cañadío won the first National Championship of Cheesecakes made with fresh cheese from Burgos. It shows a very creamy interior with a dense and compact appearance, but with a soft texture that becomes more honeyed towards the center, contrasting with a more toasted exterior that shows a very light crackle.

C. del Conde de Peñalver, 86, 28006 Madrid, Spain
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Opening times
Fri: 8:00 am - 2:00 am
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