The Best Restaurants in MOSCOW

Moscow is the sprawling, eclectic capital of the world’s largest country. Once the epicenter of the vast imperial and Soviet empires, Moscow cuisine incorporates flavors and dishes from the Arctic Circle to the deserts of Central Asia. In recent years, Moscow gained a well-deserved reputation as an emerging culinary destination, with innovative expatriate and local chefs experimenting with new methods, flavors and food pairings to breath new life into traditional Slavic recipes, while also satisfying the globetrotting Russians’ taste for international dishes. From fine dining restaurants well on their way to earning a coveted Michelin star to farm-to-table home-style dining to hipster food trucks doling out peasant snack food, Moscow’s food scene has something for everyone. And while food sanctions are creating challenges, Moscow’s intrepid chefs have looked increasingly to local producers to fill their need for meat, fish, game and dairy products.  One thing you can be sure of: Moscow cuisine is never dull!