For fans of 19th century Russian literature, Oblomov’s interior is immediately familiar: a country estate in pre-revolutionary Russia. This elegant eatery is named after the hero of Ivan Goncharov’s eponymous novel about the plight of Russia’s superfluous man. Oblomov famously takes some 60 pages to actually get out of his bed. A similar relaxed atmosphere is extant in this cozy restaurant in one of Moscow’s historic districts south of the river. The summertime veranda offers a lovely cool respite from the city’s heat and hustle. Oblomov’s traditional Russian menu was innovative when it opened; bucking the trend of foreign restaurants, but today is one of many such restaurants doing the same. The restaurant’s weak point is its service, which even loyal fans admit can be uneven. Where Oblomov really shines, however, is the extensive zakuska menu which can be ordered in any quantity along with a range of good Russian vodkas for toasting. This culinary warm-up course often eclipses the main meal, and visitors to Oblomov should feel no shame in focusing their attention on the zakuska instead for the main courses. For an authentic Russian delicacy you really can’t get anywhere else, try salo (salted pork fat) on Borodinsky toast and the range of excellent pickled mushrooms.

1st Monetchikovsky Per., 5, Moscow, Russia, 115054
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Opening times
Tue: 12:00 pm - 12:00 am
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