Varenichnaya Number 1

This bright and cheerful chain of nostalgic cafes serves affordable Russian fare on an extensive breakfast and lunch/dinner menu that comprises all of the favorites. They offer a heavy nod in the direction of Ukrainian vareniki dumplings with sweet and savory fillings, including potato and mushroom, lamb, cabbage, meat as well as the more common cherry, cottage cheese and raisin, and berry. Varenichnaya Number 1 also serves bliny and pelemeni, as well as a very good borsch and a full range of zakuska including traditional chebureki. With strategic locations in Moscow’s popular downtown Arbat area, including one on the picturesque pedestrian thoroughfare of Old Arbat Street lined with antique shops, souvenir stalls, cafes and restaurants, this is a solid, affordable option for those on a budget who are hungry to explore traditional Russian cuisine.

Arbat St, 29, Moscow, Russia
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Opening times
Tue: 10:00 am - 12:00 am
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