The Best Restaurants in PARIS

Is Paris the most important dining city in the world? The first restaurant named as such was established there after the French Revolution, and two of the oldest cookbooks were published in Paris in the 14th century — Taillevent's Viandier and the anonymous Mesnagier de Paris. It was in Paris that Nice-born Auguste Escoffier established the framework for French Haute Cuisine before it gained international status. Surrounded by cattle, orchards and vegetable gardens, Paris was always the epicenter of excellent ingredient production — hence a nearly endless bounty of famous and delicious French foods like croissants, navarin d'agneau, onion soup, crêpes Suzette, pied de cochon grillé, escargots en persillade, sole meunière and many others, without even beginning to talk about cheese and wine — Brie being the emblematic cheese of Paris and Champagne its dedicated wine. All the classics of France can be found in Paris, and we have tried to highlight the best of the best, from humble bistros to Michelin-starred restaurants.