Ristorante la Madia

Helmed by self-taught chef Pino Cuttaia, who is an ardent believer in using the freshest local produce and seafood in his dishes, the 40-seat Ristorante La Madia in the town of Licata has become the de facto restaurant for Sicilian cuisine. Over the years the restaurant has picked up its fair share of awards, namely two Michelin stars and a deserved spot on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. And while the menu can change based on chef Pino’s whims, he sticks to Sicilian classics infused with a twist, such as pinecone-smoked fish; an “anchovy painting” made with fresh anchovies, squid ink, and tuna bottarga mayonnaise; and a “cloud of Caprese,” a riff on the popular Italian dish but made with mozzarella foam that’s encased in milk skin and served in a pool of plum tomato juice.

Corso Re Capriata F., 22, 92027 Licata AG, Italy
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Opening times
Sun: 08.00 pm - 10.00 pm
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