Ristorante Consorzio

Fans of nose-to-tail eating should make their way to the centrally located Via Monte di Pieta and sample the contemporary twist Consorzio's owners bring to foraged foods, locally-sourced produce and the less noble cuts of meat that pop up in many of Piedmont's signature dishes such as la finanziera,  il gran bollito and fritto misto. Adventurous eaters may wish to sample the restaurant's quinto quarto (literally, “the fifth quarter”), a dish featuring an assortment of offal including brains, sweetbreads, tripe, anchovies, capers and black-eyed beans. There also is plenty to offer the offal-adverse, including handmade tajarin (try these with white truffles in autumn), carne cruda (a steak tartare-style dish commonly prepared in Piedmont) as well as a variety of natural wine labels. For a less formal vibe but no less delicious food and wine, you may want to try the restaurant's recently-opened sibling eatery, Banco Vini e Alimenti, in nearby Via dei Mercanti.

Via Monte di Pietà, 23, 10122 Torino, Italy
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Opening times
Tue: 12:30 - 2:30 pm, 7:30 - 11:00 pm
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