BAR X by Ricard Camarena
Figatell (Sausage Patty)

Bar X is a casual bar from 2 Michelin star Ricard Camarena that captures Valencia's intersection of traditional and modern. Bar X features a hyper-local menu served in a hip wine bar format that is perfect for casual meet-ups where food quality remains a priority. There are many local specialties like the "Russian Salad" that is on most menus around town - but Ricard's version is unmissable. The star dish here is the magical but virtually unheard of Figatell, a kind of sausage patty made from pork meat, liver and kidneys encased in a delicate membrane called "caul fat" served in a rich sauce. Bar X should be your first stop in Valencia.

Mercado de Colon, 46004, 46004 València, Valencia, Spain
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Opening times
Thu: 12:00 pm - 12:00 am
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