El Mornell
Alli e Pebre (Eel stew)

El Mornell is a modern restaurant located in El Palmar. It first opened in 2005, with attractive decoration and suggestive lighting, offering traditional Valencian cuisine. Its raw materials come directly from the fertile Valencian land. Paellas are their main specialty. El Mornell was born as a tribute to the life of the fishermen living in Albufera Natural Park. The name “Mornell” comes from the fishing hook used to capture eels. In 2022, on the occasion of the XIII edition of the 'All i Pebre' contest, the restaurant 'El Mornell ' was declared the winner. The Alli e Pebre is the essence of simplicity, a dish that takes its name from two spices: garlic and paprika. In Valencia, together with olive oil, its water, and a product as exceptional as the Albufera eel, it becomes the third emblem of popular Valencian cuisine, along with paella and fideuá. So much so that, traditionally, it was a Christmas or festive dish for Valencian families.

Carrer de Francisco Monleón, 31 CALLE SANTIMS CRIST DE LA SALUD N-11, 46012 El Palmar, Valencia, Spain
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Opening times
Wed: 10:00 am - 4:30 pm
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