Oaxen Slip

Housed in Djurgården, a beautiful city park in the heart of Stockholm, Oaxen offers an enchanting view of the 17th century shipyard and inlet of the Stockholm harbor. Oaxen is divided into sections, Slip and Krog. Slip is more casual and affordable, while Krog is the formal restaurant. The Slip serves interpreted Swedish bistro fare, hearty and uncomplicated dishes, many of which are meant to be shared by two or more. They have two community tables for 10 guests, which are shared with several companions. At the bar, they have 10 drop-in seats. Do not miss lunch at the Slip: “This week’s special” features a new lunch dish each week, and on Thursdays they serve yellow pea soup with pork sausage, pork, pork bellies and three kinds of mustard. And do not miss the pancakes with jam and cream.

Beckholmsvägen 26, 115 21 Stockholm, Sweden
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