Antico Caffè Spinnato

In operation since 1980, this historic café managed by the Spinnato family is within walking distance of the city’s two major theatres: Massimo and Politeama.  The ideal place for breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks, fans flock to the café and its sidewalk tables. At breakfast, one can enjoy small Sicilian pastries, croissants, cannoli and more; while lunch and dinner feature such traditional dishes as swordfish skewers, Pasta Alla Norma, eggplant rolls and arancini with meat sauce and butter. For Italians, cafes are the centre of social life, places where one can eat and drink, socialize and do business. Sicilians also like their coffee strong. Caffè Spinnato's is a blend of 70% Arabica and 30% Robusta - the average blend in Italy is 49% and 51% respectively. The cafe also serves hot and cold snacks, 40 flavours of ice cream and traditional pastries made with almonds from Avola and pistachios from Bronte. 

Via Principe di Belmonte, 107, 90139 Palermo PA, Italy
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Opening times
Fri: 07.00 am - 01.00 am
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