Gamla Amsterdam
Grilled Sandwich

The Swedish translation for Old Amsterdam, this cheese shop and cheese bar may be the coziest place in Södermalm. A cheese-lover’s paradise, the fragrance of cheese hits you at the door. Cheese wheels are stacked floor to ceiling. A cozy bar area has room for 12 seated guests, while the back showcases the cheese counter. Customers are encouraged to sample cheeses before ordering. In addition to various cheese boards, the menu includes a goat cheese salad, soups, open-faced sandwiches and grilled sandwiches. Most popular are the Parmesan soup with warm cherry tomatoes and thyme and the grilled sourdough sandwich with Stilton blue mold, fig jam, spinach leaves and walnuts. The bar has a good selection of wine and beer. For the optimal taste experience, let the staff recommend what to drink with your meal.

Hornsgatan 39A, 118 49 Stockholm, Sweden
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Opening times
Sun: 12.00 pm - 4.00 pm
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